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" Luckily we have a lot of resources available to us on set. And while I'm shooting I find it very hard to watch other scripted dramas. We kind of instantly were bonding over sports that we liked. It's amazing how many people still ask me about Tripp Vanderbilt, which will probably go down as the all-time greatest character name that I will ever play in my life. My castmates would tell you that I never stop singing. I went to a high school that was very driven by hip-hop culture, and I listened to a ton of rap music growing up.

We went to tactical training last year, and all the SWAT team guys you've seen in the show are all actually current or former law enforcement guys, so I can ask, "Am I holding this gun right? I'd rather go home and watch golf or NBA and a lot of baseball, or I still watch and shows like that. I was very blessed to be a special guest on a lot of these New York shows; working with America was fantastic. That's the way that you should treat people on your own set. I was pretty lucky to get to kiss Blake that often. It's a lot of Tupac and Biggie and Jadakiss and Nas.

Following their split, the actress romanced her costar Ryan Reynolds; the two married in September 2012.

Ladies, swoon: "I'm single and dating and looking to find a very nice girl. " the has taken a turn for Tveit's Mike Warren, who, between seasons, has transformed from a staunch adherent of the letter of the law to a morally-flexible mission-driven man, and goes head to head with his mentor in a drug case shrouded in deception.

Lively is among the most sought-after young talents in Hollywood.

Several months after splitting with Badgley, Lively began dating actor Leonardo Di Caprio in spring 2011.

Example: When a cutie you're talking to first tells you their name, say, "What? Plus, if you make someone laugh, you're totally in,17. " Slip it into their pocket — it's a million times cuter than a text.27. Text, "You should wear that blue shirt tonight — it makes your eyes look amazing :)"28. Here's how: The first time a new crush texts you, write back, "Who is this? Go in for a kiss at the end of the night — but then turn your head and whisper you had a nice time instead.31. It will take them by surprise and make them smile.33. When you notice someone checking you out, let them know you're onto them and you'll ooze confidence. Picture-text them a movie poster: And say, "4 PM show — wanna go? Then hand it back to them and joke, "This just seemed more 'you.'" It's a funny way to keep up your flirty banter.

Knowing you can pull it out anytime means you'll never have an awkward pause in conversation. Your crush will catch your scent when you lean in for a hug.21. Like when you "accidentally" throw your Frisbee toward cuties in the park, an exaggerated apology lets them know you're flirting on purpose (and in on the joke). Leave this Instagram comment: "This pic is hilarious. " After they respond, send this DM: "You should tell me in person. Pass a handwritten note at a party that says, "Just saying hi! Send a quick flirty text a minute after you trade numbers. Change the wallpaper on their phone to one of the cheesiest preset pictures — the sillier the better.

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