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In a classic social psychological experiment from the 1980s, Clark and Hatfield (1989) put the idea of sex differences in consenting to sex with strangers to a real-life test. " Around 75 percent of men agreed to have sex with a complete stranger, whereas women (0 percent) agreed.

Stwalley claimed she was a recruiter for indie porn studios.

Among confederates of average attractiveness, 60 percent of men agreed to sex, but no woman (0 percent) agreed to sex with a man of average attractiveness.

According to Strategic Pluralism Theory (Gangestad & Simpson, 2000), men of high physical attractiveness should be most able to successfully pursue a short-term sexual strategy (physical attractiveness fulfills women's evolved preferential short-term mating desires).

Child sexual abuse is any form of sexual activity imposed upon a child by an adult or other child in a position of power, authority, or influence.

Child sexual abuse can involve touching the intimate parts of a child’s body, enticing or forcing the child to have sexual relations, or participating in nontouching offenses, such as obscene phone calls or taking pornographic photos.

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In a French replication attempt, Guéguen (2011) had experimental confederates of various levels of physical attractiveness approach real-life strangers and ask if they would have sex.

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