Heechul dating jia senior dating service north carolina

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Heechul dating jia

He can easily turn his back on his artists, too, after milking them for money. Is it some bullshit CHINA politics paying her to smear KOREAN KPOP? He didn't even help promote Wonder Girls 'Why So Lonely' cause he was focused on Unnies shut up.

Netizens who saw this photo commented "They look alike," "They look good together, hope their friendship lasts," revealing positive reactions.

Upon hearing Heechul’s Chinese, Fei straightforwardly commented, “Oppa, your pronunciation is too weird. Jia taught him the affective voice tone for Chinese and prepared expected questions and answers, becoming a friendly tutor on the show.

Upon getting miss A Fei and Jia’s ‘carrot and stick′ style of tutoring, Heechul commented, “This is a mental breakdown special,” but he soon proved himself to be a quick learner.

Miss A′s Jia shared a few photos in celebration of costar Liu Yifei′s birthday.

Jia posted two photos of Liu Yifei, her costar in film The Third Way of Love, on Weibo on August 25, writing "Happy birthday!

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[ 138, -7] I just want to know what happened in the course of their relationship that Sulli is mentally ruined now... [ 90, -5] Their first day of their relationship was after they drank beer together ㅋㅋ I think we all know what happened ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 7.

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