Dating for single mothers

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There are certain things that boys need psychologically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, that you as a woman will never be able to impart to them. Some single mothers ruin their sons by emasculating them. She has dressed him, cooked his meals, did his laundry, put a roof over his head, babied and spoiled him since birth and still does so… She has come to his rescue, fought his battles, spoken up for him, lied for him, blamed others for his sins and protected him from harm and still does so… She has bought his shoes and socks, paid his bills, bought his groceries and got him out of jail and other jams and still does so… In their strange and contorted mother-son relationship, neither of one them is willing cut their now grotesque umbilical cord.

You will never understand or be able to help your son understand: Like most females, you will spend an eternity scratching your head trying to understand why men gravitate towards brute competition. By the way their mothers have raised them, these males have been indoctrinated to believe that women exist for the sole purpose of serving and taking care of men.

There are three ways to apply for the CCTB: For the CDB (the benefit for families having a disabled child), a special form is also required.

You can find a link to it here: Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit (AFETC)Toll-Free: program has the dual aim of supporting Alberta’s children in low and middle-income families while providing incentive for their parents to continue working.

Broken homes in the Black community are a surprise to no one, but few probably know just how broken our families really are.

“72%,” a new documentary from Moguldom Studios, tackles what is known as the baby mama epidemic among the African American community, exposing the startling statistic that 72% of Black children are now born to single mothers.

Cameras follow one single mother of three as she changes hats from full-time employee to full-time caretaker in order to provide and care for her children on her own.

It takes a woman to talk to a girl about those critical facets of her life. These single moms accomplish this catastrophic emasculation process by: I constantly meet single mothers who delight in the fact that they are raising momma’s boys.In over 6 million households in 2008, single people were living together without benefit of marriage.Only about half a million were same-sex couples and 38 percent of those had at least one biological child of either partner living with them.You’re always looking for ways to make your dollars go further when taking care of your family.The governments of Canada and Alberta* provide many programs and services to support your efforts, whether your children are newly born, in preschool or daycare, elementary or high school and beyond.

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In the same token, as a woman, there is only so much that you can instill in or teach a boy. Let me put things into proper perspective by first defining what a momma’s boy is.